Traveling is rad. While busy parents and _ extremely _ organized significant others can easily put together trip itineraries, though, it's hard for a free-spirited millenial to know where to begin on her undirected, c'est la vie journey. We wanted to help her: Nomad is a mobile app with flexible, living travel plans. It gives you food, water, and shelter. It adapts to your whimsical nature and waifish needs.

What it does

Since the dawn of time, tourists have bumbled around with maps. They have frantically switched between their Yelp and Google Maps and Eventbrite mobile apps to accommodate for their different touristy needs. We realized that the modern-day nomad would value an all-in-one mobile application that not only provides information pulled from all three of the previously mentioned apps but also adds a sense of exploration and wonder throughout the journey.

Our mobile application works by using the Yelp and Eventbrite APIs to search for events that are 1) within the traveler's reach based on her method of transportation and 2) within the traveler's time constraints. Several events will be displayed to a traveler at a time, and when the traveler selects an event to attend, the Google Maps API is used to navigate the traveler to the desired destination. This continues until the traveler has completed her journey / reached her total intended time duration. After that she is presented with a photo timeline of her journey. How wander-ful.

Challenges I ran into

Nobody knew how to make mobile apps. That was rough.

We also officially started at 7 AM today. That was SUPER rough.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Yuta: great design. Helena: nothing yet. Scott: yeah same. Zach: I don't know... Tiffany: great software engineering.

What I learned

Mark Zuckerberg must have an AWESOME cube office!! We also know how to make mobile apps now. That's sick.

What's next for Nomad

We're headed towards ~One Direction~

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