With the current situation of travel bans and insanity levels reaching all time high, we are constantly trying to find an escape from this mental prison. Ever imagine how nice it would be to experience Paris at one moment and then travel to California or Dubai or maybe even the jungles of Africa!? So many experiences, so many places, so many stories and more importantly so much to watch!


Nomad takes you places and lets you experience places in the most authentic and realistic time to end your wanderlust and be the best getaway card from the mental prison!

How we made it?

We made the App on Swift using Firebase for Authentication and verification! We used Agora (a ios SDK) to accomplish the video calling feature and finally the excellent and charismatic UI/ graphics from Sketch. The idea was simple : Give the users an escape from their worries and bring them closer to what they went far from using technology! In the current situation specially with a lot of travel bans/restrictions we may not be able to travel and explore much but our minds sure can with Nomad!

When the streamer is streaming the video, the view on the app will have arrows (left, right, top and bottom), and the viewers of that stream can click on those arrows to navigate themselves inside the video, and what they would like to view.

We used SDK for live streaming, so that the users can stream their traveling in real time.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into quite a few challenges during the development of Nomad. We took a significant amount of time to decide what we wanted to build, which took away from our development time. Having limited time, we specified and assigned tasks and got started on building the app. Fortunately, the app came together like we expected!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting a perfect and pleasant looking UI with accompanying graphics to complement the theme was a great achievement in my opinion. Managing a lot of functionality not compromising on the appearance/true working is a character revealing achievement I feel. It is easy to make something but to make it beautifully and living upto a standard felt great and is great in my opinion!

What I learned

I learned a lot from this hackathon and this experience in general! I learned to allocate and decide well ahead on tasks and duties which soon to realize were almost always going to change BUT are absolutely necessary because without the preplanning the changes would never come and with no changes comes no improvement! I have grown both knowledgeably and as a person who can accomplish tasks and never resign!

What's next for Nomad

Nomad really does have a potential specially with the current situation across the world! There are a large number of features that are always ready to be implemented! With great power comes great responsibility and with that security and content filtering/ recognition/user trackings can be a good addup for a successful future! Widgets or updates like real time feedbacks/ chat across the world / beautiful galleries sorted by places or even experience sharing can be great upgrades in the near future! With almost unlimited potential Nomad can stride out into the open world with confidence and Peace.

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