As busy college students, we were personally faced with our problematic food habits. Recognizing that fridge forgetfulness was a problem we all shared, we were inspired to create a solution.

What it does

The app allows users to input all of their weekly groceries. It keeps track of each product's expiry date and notifies the user if a product is near expiry.

How we built it

We began by planning out the basic framework, and then we split the tasks among the group members and collaborated using a Github repository. We used Android Studio to program the application and used Figma to create the application UI elements.

Challenges we ran into

Some bizarre plugin recommendations within the Android Studio API baited us into installing it. The faulty plugins would then cause our entire program to crash and flood with errors.

We tried to integrate the ML-Kit Software Development Kit from Google's Firebase platform but to no avail. Without a mentor or any prior experience in integrating SDKs, implementing ML-Kit found to be too difficult for one member to do within 36 hours, and ML-Kit is only partially integrated.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned a lot about the java language and built a functioning app within 36 hours, all over a remote discord call.

What we learned

When working with APIs, (especially if you are unfamiliar with them) do not take random plugin recommendations unless you are certain they are needed for the project at hand! Having your API sorted out is just as important as debugging your code!

We learned important Git skills, such as branch management and collaboration through Git. Two of our members are also no longer completely inexperienced in Java!

What's next for Nom

Our primary goal is to have the application ready for release on the android play store, and then if it is well received, we will look to create an iOS version as well.

Features we're looking forward to include:

  • Fully implementing ML-Kit to allow users to implement produce at the scan of a receipt
  • Notifying users of produce near expiry
  • Ability to delete current produce items at User will
  • Automatically remove produce items that expire
  • Settings for customizable reminder times and other features, such as language
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