When deciding what type of project we would want to work on, blockchain was a common interest between all of our team members. From prior experience, we knew that sometimes, getting people to participate in events can be hard. One of the best ways to increase participation is, well... incentivize it! That's where the idea for NoleCoin originated.

What it does

Nolecoin uses Ethereum and smart contracts to handle transferring tokens between users. Users can open our react-native app to register for our service, and start receiving NoleCoin immediately!

You can test it out on using this link!

How we built it

We built NoleCoin using a mountain of tools:

  • Solidity/WebTree to create the smart contracts we used
  • Google Cloud Compute to host a VM which runs most of our code
  • Flask to design a basic JSON API for our app to use to interface with our server
  • React-native to make a mobile app for our users to use

Challenges we ran into

All sorts of unexpected errors. Typos that sent us on wild goose hunts for hours, forgetting to implement methods to get the data we wanted, even extra semicolons in some cases.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing a semi-polished react-native app in our timespan Implementing our smart contracts within our timespan

What we learned

Time Management. Blockchain and distributed computing.

What's next for NoleCoin

The world. (Or at least the rest of FSU.)

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