Carrying a lot of cash and making sure not to lose it along with your other belongings has always been a troublesome aspect to be taken care of, needless to say if you are moving between thousands of people being pushed along the way due to the huge congestion out there. Simply imagining that you no longer need to carry your cash with you and still perform the same payments you can do with bank notes, gives you a relief, and that was the main inspiration behind the idea.

What it does

Nokody is a system that allows people performing hajj to make payments in a cashless, seamless, and effortless way. You no longer need to worry about carrying bank notes while performing hajj pillars and still purchase all you want using a cashless way.

How we built it

We built the system using Android SDKs, .NET Core, Web Api, Entity-Framework, and SQL.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating with different bank systems. Providing a secure way to make the payments. Easing the interface as much as possible to be used by a wide variety of backgrounds.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Providing an easy interface that almost anyone can use easily. Implementing the solution without requiring any additional hardware. Making a full payment cycle in a seamless and effortless way.

What we learned

Working in a team. Brainstorming and analyzing different business aspects.

What's next for Nokody

Use transactions data for statistics and provide means of providing advices. Easier ways of topping up your balance. Earlier balance creation. More secure ways of verifications. Transfer between balances OTP Implementations

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