Electric Scooters are heavily problematic, for both users and the operating companies. Users suffer from low-charge vehicles, and scooters that are left in the middle of the street. Operators suffer from high personnel costs related to charging, and vandalism.

What it does

We utilize the future network of Nokia LuxTurrim5G poles to create a network of charging stations for e-scooters. We show how a handshake protocol between the scooter and the pole can be established, and used for billing the relevant e-scooter operator for electricity used. Additionally the pole can function as surveillance for possible vandalism or theft.

How we built it

Initial viability concept based on known industry data points. Proof of concept for handshake made with RaspPi emulating exchange and charging with possibility for usage tracking.

Challenges we ran into

2 person team meant a balance of technical / product, but lack of manpower to create any substantial tech demo.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Participating and putting our best to create an unique solution with highly potential business case.

What we learned

Joakim - Using sketch as design tool with SVGs. Learned more about current problems with NBIoT & 5G. Very hard to find quick implementable uses for 5G stations. Markku - Using Raspberry Pi with multiple external libraries, setting up static network, creating sockets and handling the connections. Learnt a lot about 5G and MEC possibilities while researching for the project subject.

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