Future VR Center's customer loyalty need.

Comes from; E-Sport + Tech, Challenge 5 Help VR centers to build player loyalty through cooperative or competitive mechanisms

Specs : Players retention in VR centers is a key performance factor since returning players already have some experience playing the games. E-Sport can increase players retention through different ways including motivation to train, improving performances and measuring players against each other in competitions Help VR centers explore them to ensure players will come back while taking into account the importance of the social dimension of VR centers (people come and play with friends, family and colleagues).

What it does

Nokelebek is a project developed to enrich the experience of the gamers who play in VR Center. The people can collect XP's belong to VR Center, run with other players, and get their local stats. Players can get prizes and more games with their XP's.

Moreover VR game center keeps it for their customer loyalty. Basicly, Nokelebek is VR game launcher with customer loyalty features.

How we built it

Unity game engine for creating the virtual reality game launcher with customer loyalty features. For frontend and backend works with integrations .Net, CSS, JS, HTML, C# are used.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As a team, we picked aspects that catered to each team member's area of expertise. The project was divided into modular portions which made the overall task less daunting to accomplish.

What we learned

The value of teamwork and the power of a simple concept.

What's next for Nokelebek: Next Generation VR Game Launcher

We hope to package the application in a distributable and make it public for others to enjoy! We plan to incorporate biometric sensors e.g. integrated with your smart bracelet, to allow for more inputs to creatively control the game world



  • [ x] 3 Rooms for users based on their loyalty
  • [ x] 3 Sections for users (Games, Profile, Gift Shop)
  • [ x] Intro menu
  • [ x] Scene design and implementation
  • [ x] Sound Effects
  • [ x] Background Music


  • Spotify component to play level oriented playlists (calm music on earlier levels, motivational musics on mid levels, and off -the chart musics for further levels (the playlists prepared as spotify public playlists)
  • Level oriented Ambient changes (basic skybox for earlier levels. Every level upgrade, skybox gets more sophisticated. At the highest levels skybox shows whole known universe)
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