What it does

Where did the Noizio idea come from?


Initially, being a designer and having no experience in creating products, I wanted to go through all the stages of this path: from idea, analytics, design to team building, product implementation and its final promotion.


The very idea of ​​Noizio is far from new. Similar functional sites where you can include relaxing sounds have been around for a long time. Yes, and applications with the same functionality on both the computer and mobile phones were already at that time. But I really wanted to make a product with a minimalistic design and a simple UI (which almost all of our competitors lacked). Also, the auto-pause for Skype calls and other audio-video messengers seemed to us a great advantage over other applications of this kind. But in the end, when the software part was implemented, Skype closed access to third-party applications and this function never saw the light of day.

One of the advantages was the miniature size of the application (at that time about 20 MB with all the sounds inside), i.e. working without the Internet, when competitors' application size reached 500MB. Agree, you would curse us by downloading a half-gigabyte application to your phone over 3G ...

How did you turn an idea into a product

I just drew a couple of first screenshots and showed them to the programmer (with whom we worked and are still working in one wonderful company from Washington) and suggested trying to implement the project. The answer was “Yes” and we started work on all fronts on the weekend. Two months later, the first version for MacOS was ready. Testing among friends and acquaintances and further publication in the Apple Store.

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