Noisy neighbors and neighborhoods

What it does

monitors noise levels, creates non-confrontational communication between neighbors, tracks and maps noise levels in cities

How we built it

Htoo Wai built a sensor using an electret mic. Gabby and Arsal setup the esp8266, and came up with the idea that ended the brainstorming torture. Amanda setup the raspberry pi servers with data logging and interface. Finn designed and 3D printed our cases, and put together our backup sensor.

Challenges we ran into

quality sensor readings best protocols for storing and tansferring data live web updates slow processing of large amounts of data server crashed

Accomplishments that we're proud of

the sensor hardware setup

What we learned

brainstorming is hard how to make a sound sensor op amps! esp8266 - connect processes

What's next for Noisy or Nice

figuring out best ways to sample data for apartment level, building level, and city level. Adding anonymous response system for neighbors to alert each other of noise pollution. Complete interactive dashboard/ infographics.

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