Inspiration: Just because of the noise during the phone interviews, the employers are supposed to cancel the interviews which hinders the process of the students to get into their dream companies. In order to benefit the students, we came up with an idea of creating a web application that makes the interviews between the employers and the students more peaceful and straightforward.

What it does: The website allows you to reserve a room that is like an online reservation system for booking the desired rooms that students want.

How we built it: We created a server through wamp and for the front-end programming, we utilized javascript and css and html. For back-end programming, we used PHP and mySQL databases.

Challenges we ran into: It was difficult finding common languages as we had differences in specialties and opinions. Looking for a good program to host our server on was hard as well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We were able to learn a lot more about databases, PHP, and web-pages in general.

What we learned: The full-stack development from design, implementation and development.

What's next for Noiseless Interview Room Appointments: We wish for Stony Brook administrators to assist the students by implementing this website within their career websites, so that the students are as satisfied as possible with their interview conversations.

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