💫 Inspiration

During quarantine, it is often hard to meet new people and collaborate on new projects together. Particularly, our team noticed that we either can't think of a new project idea, or we have an idea but don't know how to get started. To combat this problem, we created a platform called "noise.", where local creators can collaborate with others on side projects depending on their skills and location.

😮 What noise. does

After signing up for noise. , users can select tags that show what technologies they know, and where they're located. Additionally, users can create a project, and list which technologies they need. From there, our matching algorithm recommends the user projects that they can join or sends their project into the community where people can request to collaborate with them.

🔨 How we built it

The design process began with our designer creating the UI for the web and mobile application, and the developers creating a UML diagram. All images used in the project were sourced from here.

The front end was created using React with typescript.

For the backend, we created an API using express.js and used a mongo database to store user information. The images used in the project, are all stored in an AWS bucket.

😰 Challenges we ran into

  • Connecting the front-end web application with the backend REST API
  • Setting up and storing JWTs
  • Inexperience with new technologies such as Figma and React

😤 Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • How well our team was able to collaborate in low time, high-pressure situations.
  • The amount of the actual web application that we were able to complete and get function.
  • Creating the design for both the web app and mobile app.

🧠 What we learned

  • We learned how to create a functioning web application.
  • Furthered our understanding of React and how to structure components effectively.
  • Learned how to efficiently use UML diagrams and Figma to prototype our application.

💜 What's next for noise.

  • Create full functionality for the mobile app!
  • Launch the product!
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