Noise Makes the Difference has the objective of create services for emergency services that take advantage of noise sensors installed in the environment. These Noise and Mobility-enhanced Vehicular Emergency Services (NoMeVES) discovers emergency service vehicles and helps them to make efficient travel through crowded areas combining technologies provided by the OpenIoT platform and EAR-IT noise sensors.

The key features of Noise Makes the Difference system are:

  • Linked sensor data - OpenIoT will annotate and store the data sensed by each sensor, keeping not only the data values acquired but also information related with the physical properties that such values represent, as well as, time and localisation characteristics.This behaviour allows to a user to browse historical data/events in specific areas (e.g. in a street, in a city district), in specific periods of time without the need of the knowledge about the localisation of specific sensors.

  • Notification system - Noise can be used to several applications, such detection of outstanding situations like crashes and nearby emergency vehicles. The notification system, except using it to alert nearby users can be also used for to notify public services about events that are occuring in a real-time.

  • Streaming publish/subcribe system - The developed system can receive data streams from multiple sensors, where users can subscribe to a specific data or event, receiving filtered data from different data streams with the set up of only one connection.

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