I lived in the dorms and there were siren noises at night. So I made this, so I don't have to listen to real noises, but (supposedly) more relaxing ambient artificial noises. I figured this could be an art piece where it can be displayed to demonstrate how busy and chaotic Seattle can be and how the SPFD has to deal with it. Also, it's nice to have aid responses turned into eerie FM bells.

Technology it uses

The app uses real-time data from Seattle Fire Police department about 911 dispatches for medical / aid responses, motor vehicle accidents, fire, electrical ,etc. It then uses Google Maps and Google Geocoding API to convert data from addresses to longitude and latitude. Lastly, we display those information and calculate the distance from those dispatches to the audience's current location to generate the sounds with Web Audio API.

What the sounds are

(closer distance means lower pitch, louder sound)

  • Aid Responses: Bells
  • Medic Responses: Siren (close
  • Electrical Problems: Constant Pulse Wave
  • MVI (Motor Vehicle Incident): Noise hits
  • Everything Else: Some sort of arpeggiator
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