It takes 10 million trees, more than 250 million gallons of oil and 1,2 billion gallons of water to supply the annual receipt production in the U.S. alone. All of this results in more than 1,5 billion pounds of waste yearly in America. More than 90% of receipts are instantly thrown away. For the individual, paper receipts are a pain in the ass. Your wallet is full of faded receipts in case you need to return or complain about your purchase. You maybe have to sort them on Sunday from all the transactions you made with your company card in the bar and then physically transport them to the accounting department. And what if you've lost your receipt!? No can do. We are living in the 21st century. We should have a better solution for our receipts. Oh yes, and 90% of people would want a digital receipt. Something to think about!

What it does

Our application uses NFC technology simultaneously with mobile payment to transfer the receipt instantly to your phone, thus totally eliminating the need of paper receipts. You can also easily filter and search for your receipts by date, company and card. For example if you want to search for your receipt of a mediocre TV you bought from Biltema three years ago, you can do it in seconds! For business people you can instantly send your receipts to your accountant!

How I built it

Ruby-on-rails, angular.js, html5, css, framework7, bootstrap, javascript, font-awesome

Challenges I ran into

We lacked the skill on doing the application on mobile

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Thank god I applied for this Hackathon. We built our prototype and it's working! More or less... :D

What I learned

People would really need our solution! And receipts kill trees... a lot.

What's next for NoInk

We want a world with no ink:)

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