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+Music+Share+Fun == NODJ +So many times we went to a party and thought, "The music SUCKS!"--only if we can be the DJ!

Target Users

+Someone who goes to parties and has high standard for the music. +Someone who wants to share their favorite music with others! +Someone who likes to have fun and enjoy the music!

Features Proud Of<

Machine learning automatically adds suggested songs to playlist! +Search and add tracks easily. +Swipe to vote up or down the tracks. +Playlist syncs instantly. +Website end + App end (Website for party organizer. App end for party attendees.) +Push "Yo!" to all party attendees. +Cool Interaction Effects! +Beautiful designs!

User Story

+When Mark enters the room of the Xmas party organized by his college, he open the NODJ app and joins the NODJ "Party" with the code provided by the organizer. He adds his favorite tracks to the play list and votes up the tracks he really likes. When he see track of "bad taste", he immediately votes it down on the NODJ app. And the best part of it is that he only needs to swipe left or right to vote! He sees his action immediately shows up on his app and can be assured that he is gonna have a great night!+

The attached pictures include

+Mockup +Interface Design +iOS Simulator Screens +Website Page

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