We can all remember the chaos that ensued from the world going online in 2020. Now, with the surge in omicron cases in recent months, we may return to Zoom as our primary method of communication, and we all need to stay organized. With NodeShack 2.0, you are able to keep all of your Zoom links in one place, and not have to fear being late to class, or losing a zoom link. What it does NodeShack makes any online education stress-free by providing a safe place to store your zoom links. It first simply stores any user inputted zoom links. Then we added 2 main google integrations to our project. One was Google classroom announcement searching. This was through the use of google classroom and the API. Our code searched for zoom links in each google classroom by going through each announcement and looking for the latest zoom link. Our other main integration was google calendar. We are able to find meeting info through the calendar api. We also included many convenience features in our app.

How we built it

The main backend was built using php with the composer dependency manager. We used google libraries for our integrations. We added basic js scripts to the frontend for increased quality of life. Docker helped us containerize our app and contain a sql backend. We styled (a little) with css.

Challenges I ran into

One challenge we ran into was cloudflare caching some of our assets that were being developed on. This made it hard to collaborate at first because our versions were very out of sync even though we were editing the same files. After changing our proxy and using Nginx proxy manager, we fixed this issue easily. Additionally, one of our members got stuck outside, and couldn't attend the event.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

Creating a comprehensive app with many features. Learning a new language (js). Developing with friends.

What we learned

Keeping an organized codebase is key to quickly making changes. Additionally, being comfortable in computer science concepts helps you transfer from one language to another quickly. For example, knowledge in c++ helped me become comfortable with php and js.

What's next for NodeShack 2.0

In future updates of NodeShack 2.0, the UI will be overhauled to make the website more user friendly, and it’ll actually get the time of your zoom meetings. Additionally, we will meet accessibility standards set by google in their site policies (lighthouse).

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