What it does

NodePad converts your notes into a visually appealing tree-like graph that allows you to visualize the relationships between the different concepts and topics of your notes. Using natural language processing, NodePad programmatically generates study questions from your notes, then uses Twilio to periodically send you the questions via SMS to keep your notes fresh in your mind.

How We built it

Back-end Stack

  • Performs natural language processing using Microsoft's Cognitive Services API, the Linguistics Analysis API in particular, to generate study questions based off the uploaded notes
  • Periodically sends you study questions via SMS using Twilio to facilitate consistent studying


  • Created a simple yet scalable key-value store using Firebase

Front-end Stack

  • Parses and analyzes notes to generate a relationship tree using ReactJS and NodeJS

Developer Team

  • Runs on little sleep and lots of caffeine to turn our dreams into code

What's next for NodePad

  • Roll out social features, such as forming study groups and sharing questions and notes
  • Generate a larger variety of questions using more complex natural language processing algorithms
  • Utilize machine learning and data science to continually design and develop stronger, more relevant questions through the use of a feedback system

Built With

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