I saw a story a while back about a guy who made a clustered supercomputer with raspberry pis, and saw that the hardware organisers had like 60+ unused RasPis that I could use to make a supercomputer.

What it does

There is a master RasPi that controls everything and a bunch of slaves that do the actual processing grunt work. The master will accept some data and a function that processes the data and then tells the slave to process each datum, receives the computed results, and returns the results.

How I built it

I threw together some Node.js

Challenges I ran into

The raspberry pis kept breaking. Constantly

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I made software that can be deployed to make a cloud

What I learned

The Raspberry Pis are not reliable at all.

What's next for NodeNodeJS

Add dozens of RasPis to increase the processing power.

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