What is it?

This project NodeJs wrapper for a ESP32 to send signals to the blutetooth car. This allows anyone to control the car by hitting a http endpoint. Also built a hand gesture controller using Leap Motion as a proof of concept of the types of controllers that could be used. Finally built a Web client that allows of a user to control the car using a web app and display car statistics back to the user.

Possible Applications

  • Home
  • Gaming/Racing
  • Warehouses
  • Wheelchairs
  • MiIitary
  • Rescue Missions

Why We Hacked This

Anywhere, Anytime

Extend the range of remote control from a couple meters to around the world

Open Source

Provide an interface where others can create their own controllers


Provide car owners with real-time car statistics

If There Was More Time

  • Added more functionality to the REST API, adding more different kinds/series of signals to be sent to the bluetooth car
  • Added Sensors to the car and send that data back to a web client
  • Added an Authentication process to use each vehicle so only registered owners/users may send signals
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