From our work with the aged care industry in Australia, we discovered a significant opportunity for NodeCare's products due to Australia's aging population and recent legislative changes. We wanted to bring a network of technology solutions to improve the experience of caretaking and allow further freedom of senior or disabled individuals.

What it does

A modular, IoT system which provides carers with updates on important aspects of the lives of those under their care. This includes monitoring of medication intake, home security and personal safety.

How we built it?

We used a combination of software and hardware skills to create this system. Hardware wise, we used several Arduino devices which are connected to a base system via Bluetooth. After successful connection, all the connected sensors then send data to the base system when triggered. The base system, which is configured with raspberry pi then syncs data to our online database, which can analyse and relay the information to relevant mobile devices as well as display it on the carer dashboard.

Challenges we ran into

Bluetooth commmunication was difficult to implement and pushing the data to the dashboard and to phone notifications proved challenging. Connecting all the electrical components to the Arduino and making sure that the right conditions trigger a meaningful communication to our base system are tricky and challenging. We also had to make sure that our mobile phone users receive notifications on their dashboards.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were very happy that our demo modules worked smoothly and were able to create a process that could have an impact on many individuals even in our own lives.

What we learned

Through the process we not only learned the intricate and complex process of caretaking and the importance of continued freedom despite old age or disability but also enhanced our technical knowledge on IoT and sensor technology.

What's next for NodeCare

Early indicators of age related mental illnesses such as dementia can often be tracked to changes in behaviour. Using our gathered data and Bluemix's analysis toolset we can use this system as an early warning system.

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