Contributions include preventing open relay, removing reference to full stream support

Node SMTP Server


  1. Replace IP and NAME with your own.
  2. Perform a reverse-lookup of your IP, and store the value in PRR
  3. Provide domain you will accept mails from in DOMAIN. Any other domain provided by a client will be rejected, closing a potential Open Relay exploit.
  4. node smtp.js (you may have to sudo)
  5. Send an email to test@ip, or to the domain resolved by your MX record.


Tested in node 0.4.2+. Likely will not work with 0.2.X.

This SMTP server is under development. Right now it only supports accepting emails into an email string. Support for outgoing emails, Buffers, and TLS likely to come in the future.

Node Email Parser


var parse = require( 'lib/parse.js' ),
    email = rawEmail );

console.log( email.headers.contentType );

Examples are provided in the test folder. node test-parse.js Gmail

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