Node Scaffold

Quick scaffolding on several frameworks!


$ npm install node-scaffold -g


v0.1.3 Fixed format bug.

I'll add another more options later!


  • Generate models
  • Generate controllers
  • Generate views
  • Generate application
  • Inflection working (in English)

Quick Usage

You will need to create a file to place your scaffold (shell also in future).

Here is a sample of this file:


/* SAMPLE */

    "models": [
            "name": "Person", // always singular!
            "crud": true,
            "fields": [
                { "name": "name", "type": "String" },
                { "name": "username", "type": "String", "unique": true },
                { "name": "password", "type": "String" },
                { "name": "age", "type": "Number" },
                    "name": "Car", // always singular!
                    "type": "Json",
                    "content": [
                        { "name": "model", "type": "String" },
                        { "name": "color", "type": "Number" }

After that, you need to create a file where you want to scaffold:



Now, just execute it!

$ node scaffold.js --file /path/to/scaffold.json

Remeber to install all dependencies!

$ sudo npm install

Now you just need to test your routes! In this example:

node app.js

curl http://localhost:3000/user
curl http://localhost:3000/car

To see other usage options (very limited at the moment), just

$ node scaffold.js --help

Usage: node xx.js [options argument]

  -h,  --http-framework name  Http framework to use (default: express).
  -de, --db-engine name       DB engine to use (default: mongodb).
  -df, --db-framework name    DB framework to use (default: mongoose).
  -f,  --file filepath        File to read (required).
  -F,  --force-overwrite      Force overwrite of existing files.

  node scaffold.js --file data.json

Documentation can be found at

Having problems?

If you have problems like "cannot find module 'node-scaffold'", probably your NODE_PATH is wrong!

In mac:

$ export NODE_PATH=/usr/local/lib/node_modules

In linux: you can handle it :)


  • Add relationships between models
  • Use EJS for templating (intern)
  • Accept other http frameworks (besides express)
  • Accept other db engines (besides mongodb)
  • Accept other db frameworks (besides mongoose)
  • Accept other layout engine (besides jade)
  • Allow shell scaffolding

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