Have you ever worked with an embedded system, only to let it collect dust as you waited for a wifi shield? Not any more. The WiPi system is cheaper, longer range, more power conscious than other alternatives for wireless communication. We have provided an interface with mailjet API to see your embedded system data on command via email. The data is logged in a database for easy management and view over time. Possibilities are limitless for logging sensors for homes (fire, water, temperature) businesses and other applications. Real live data can improve our lives.

The heart of our system relays on the nordic nrf24l01+ module. The radio has two models of 300 ft and 1km range. The radio costs ~$1.00 and can be integrated into any Arduino capable device. Firmware has been written so the remote "nodes" can be reprogrammed via data commands. Inputs and outputs are all remotely controlled and are able to change the behavior of the node. This means you can put a node on a roof, in a wall, or other difficult places without worry of having to dig it out to reprogram.

Your data is only as good as its destination. Using the mailjet API, you can request "status" updates of your system and get a real time summary. Commands can also be given via email to trigger user specified events.

For our demonstration we have connected 4 nodes. One as a base node to connect to the ruby server, a finger print scanner for security, motion detector, and light recorder. One node has a LED, and a buzzer that can be controlled via email command.

You can check the live data by emailing : wipi-check@parse-in1.mailjet.com

Three requests can be made by inserting in the subject line of the email: "status", "flash", or "buzzer"

Go ahead and give it a try!

PS Honest company, we tried to add you under sponsors, but it couldn't find you.

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