Braindump for 3D FPS written in JavaScript using Three.JS

Ugh I'm going to shelve this at least until I can get the collision physics to work better. I should probably use meshes and an oct-tree to do collision detection.


  • Made with NodeJS and Socket.IO
  • The states of all the objects are all instantiated, updated, and managed server side. All calculations are done server side.
  • The client merely sends intents to the server, which are processed. The server returns a series of JSON objects that hold the state of the world to the client for rendering.
  • The server holds authoritative determination over the positions and states of all the objects.

Setting Up:

This project requires node version 0.12 or greater. npm, bower and gulp should be installed globally on your system.

  npm install
  bower install

The project Gulpfile already has a few custom processes to run.

  gulp            # will compile the JS and LESS assets

  gulp js         # will compile only the JS assets

  gulp less       # will compile only the LESS assets

  gulp watch      # will watch the JS and LESS assets and compile them when
                  # they are modified, recommended during development

  gulp watch-js   # will only watch the JS assets

  gulp watch-less # will only watch the LESS assets


  • Fork this repository and set it up on your computer.
  • The search-src script will help you search for TODOs in the source code. Run search-src todo to find things that need to be fixed or modified.
  • Commit to your own fork and send a pull request to the master repository.
  • Note that only compiled sources are exposed on the server but are not committed to this repository. Do not commit compiled sources (/static/dist).
  • Your code will be reviewed and must be approved before it is merged.
  • Please use our convention of 2 space tabs that are space characters and not tab characters. Document any code that you write.

© 2015 Alvin Lin

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