Noctica is primarily a platform for people to explore artistic expression in a Virtual Reality space. Instead of trying to create the whole "multiverse", as many are want to do, Noctica aims at a smaller niche - storytelling. The platform contains many modular pieces, from trees and plants to animals and avatars - and props across the board.

Most people who try out virtual reality want nothing more then to create something in that world. The barrier of entry is higher then probably any other medium to date, so the primary goal with this project is to allow for people to easily create virtual spaces from within virtual reality itself.

The full scope of this projects ambition is not yet realized. Many of these modular elements have been explored and flushed out however the multi user aspect and user content based system are not yet implemented.

Controls - You simply hold the headset pad to move forward. Once holding down, you may slide your finger forward or backward to either increase or decrease your speed. This is a 360 degree experience, so swivel!

Innovation - Noctica is a modest multiverse. I am building an organic world which is pleasing primarily in Virtual Reality. Focusing on organic growth with lots of dynamic mesh generation is the crux of the design. Seamless world blending via a Portal system is another innovation in this project. There is a system in place to allow loop based music to seamlessly blend based on the world and the sort of situation one is in. There is a ways to go yet, although the current iteration provides a very strong proof of concept with many of these aesthetics.

This version is a strong proof of concept with 4 different worlds built out to demonstrate the potentials with one of them streaming in while running the app. Planned development will be in the direction of most everything be generated on the fly in the background with as little content baked into scenes. This will be a critical step towards allowing users to generate their own worlds in a lightweight and shareable manner. The aesthetic uses no textures to allow the video ram to be allocated towards artwork. Streaming in audio assets as well will further lighten whole project and allow for more user content creation.

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