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  1. Description
  2. Availability
  3. Deployment
  4. API usage


This project consists on two different parts of a same web service:

  • Public API: this API wraps around the Google Maps directions API, offering the same level of versatility and functionalities, but with the added benefit of computing an approximation to the CO2 emissions performed step by step during the different routes, as well as for the whole route itself.
  • Web viewer: this viewer is able to show the user the different routes specified through the web service with a visual representation of the emission profiles along the routes, being able to interact with the map to know the exact amount of CO2 emitted at any step alongside the route, as well as a summary of values for each plotted route.


The different services are available at the following locations:


Both public API and web service are automatically updated by using a specific deployment server with a dedicated private API that allows for updating specific separate parts of the project (frontend, backend or core) separately depending on which parts of the code were updated on the stable branches of the repos, thus ensuring immediate availability of the latest release.

API usage

The noCO2 public API follows exactly the same structure as the Google Maps directions API. For documentation about its usage, please visit this link.

The new parameter in the query string introduced by the noCO2 public API is the emission_index parameter, which may take one of the following values:

  • low: refers to a low-emissions vehicle
  • med: refers to a medium-emissions vehicle
  • high: refers to a high-emissions vehicle
  • hybrid: refers to a hybrid vehicle
  • electric: refers to an electric vehicle
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