NOBSTRUCTION was created to raise awareness among the citizens of Pakistan about its various road related problems. Our aim is to eradicate Pakistani roads from ditches, manholes, illegal speed breakers and unlawful roadblocks.

How it works

The purpose of this app/web is to provide citizens an information sharing platform, where anyone who comes across road problems mentioned above can take a picture of the road hindrance and upload it on NOBSTRUCTION.

Once this is on display for the general public, people can form a group and tackle the issue. Once more and more people consider themselves to be concerned authorities such road obstructions can be resolved privately and this will impose pressure on the government to solve the issue.

Challenges we ran into

The first challenge was to get the reporters valid email address and second challenge was if one obstruction has been solved out but its still showing on map of OBSTRUCTION.

Accomplishments that We are proud of

I am looking forward to this beautiful idea, if our Government is not responsive we can at least put huge pressure on them.

What we learned

Once you start working on something, it goes beyond one's imaginations and crosses the barrier of impossibility.

What's next for NObstruction

Next big thing for us is to over other various cities of Pakistan, right now we are covering Islamabad only.

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