An exciting PvP combat mobile game with unique NFT characters and winner gets all philosophy Currently the project is in the first stage of development, and is open for feedback from the community


A Fast paced NFT game with characters constantly dying and generated, you get a random character to play with and Fight 1 v 1 online and get matched with similar players to level up you one characters, the more you win the more you level up and become slightly more powerful, but if you lose once you lose all your progress

Download the game from your mobile store, create an account and start playing


We wanted to build an online 1v1 Fighting game for mobile, however when we found out about OKExChain and GameFi it instantly clicked how you could level up characters and trade with any player to get special abilities

What it does

This idea is still in it's infancy and we will need more help from OEC team and workshops to enable full features

How we built it

We built contract logic using solidity with Truffle and Ganache for contract development, and unity for the game

Challenges we ran into

Integrating Unity with Ganache was hard at first

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finalizing the important points for the project in such a short time

What we learned

We will need to communicate with OEC Team for successful integration with the platform

What's next for Nobel Combat

1- Initial stages We are very optimistic for the game, we want to improve on the art designs and make more characters as well as get feedback from the community about what they care about the most

2- Beta Launch an early access game with 5 characters and 2 battle arenas

3- Launch game marketplace Enable full NFT features and token betting using on the OKT tokens and OEC Network infrastructure

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