This concept of this game was inspired by other viral games, such as sudoku, 2048 and Wordle. We drew inspiration by how simple these games were to play, yet it is difficult and requires strategy in mastering this game.

What it does

In this game, players start with the number 1 and are given an operator. They have 4 options and are required to avoid any numbers with the 0 digit in it as the result.

How we built it

Using Figma and various prototyping tools, we designed a draft of the UI/UX of the game. Afterwards, we used Expo Go together with React Native to design a simulated version of the game to test and experiment to see how it would run as a mobile application.

Challenges we ran into

It was important to make this game accessible for people of all ages, from young to old. Therefore, we used only simple arithmetic operators to ensure a low barrier to entry. To make it sufficiently challenging, we will reduce the time given to solve a problem as players progress through stages.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One of our bigger accomplishments was the design of our NoZero App. The initial design was significantly less user-friendly and we spent a bulk of our time designing a minimalist and more engaging user interface. We believe that this is critical in increasing the chances of our game going viral.

What we learned

We learnt about some of the factors that make games go viral. We learnt about how emotions during and after gameplay affects a player’s willingness to share the game and that was a factor that we considered when building it into our game. As negative emotions predicted whether the game was shared after initial gameplay, we decided to inbuild some challenges to make the game hard and instil some negative emotions to incentivise players to share the game.

What's next for NoZero

Moving ahead, it is important to test and refine the code to avoid bugs in NoZero game. We also need to ideate and reimagine how we can simplify and entice players to share the game on social media. We are also looking to how we can lower barriers of entry and make our game more accessible on the web.

We hope to implement some of our newer ideas in the future, such as a multiplayer game mode (PvP) and unlockable game themes through lootboxes. This opens up areas for ad placements which can be considered for revenue stream.

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