Everyone who has ever lived with a group of people knows the fridge-struggle. Who has opened the milk? When was it opened? Can I still drink it or will it strangle me as soon as I open it?

We are awesome!

What it does

In the current version, you can tell the assistant that you've opened a product. It will save that in a database

How we built it

We connected the Google Assistant with a Node JS Backend hosted on Firebase. The user input is checked with a food API, to be secure, that only valid food can be stored to the NoSQL Database Firestore.


Challenges we ran into

Using Firebase without paying for it and interacting with the firestore database

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Integrating Firebase and have an awesome usecase. We are really looking forward to use our app after the hackathon.

What we learned

How to build a Google Action, how to use dialogflow, how to use Firebase

What's next for freshUp

Next up is the integration of a user management system to figure out who has opened which good. Furthermore, an AI is going to be added to be able to evaluate when a new product is most likely to be opened or in which time period a product will become inedible.

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