💡 Inspiration

We started making this project after one of our team members accidentally downloaded a virus onto his computer. (His computer survived) We wanted to help other people avoid the same fate by teaching them how to deal with a virus using a game.

🤔 What it does

No Virus Game is a leveled game where each level presents a tricky puzzle that teaches you about how to remove a virus.

🔨 How we built it

This project is entirely front-end. We used standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript paired with some frameworks like jQuery.

We also used frameworks like Font Awesome, an icon library, ParticleJS a javascript add-on that makes particles, and HighlightJS, a code syntax highlighter.

😥 Challenges we ran into

Since we are all a bit under-experienced, we ran into A LOT of bugs, which were quite hard to fix. For example, on one of the levels, the program was reporting that the user had liked the admin when in reality, the user disliked. This bug took quite a while to patch.

One of our authors also got a free domain for the website. However, we had some problems with the hosting. The website that we hosted on was always a couple of commits behind the main branch in the GitHub repo. We never really found out why :( Here's the link if you want to see it: https://novirusgame.tk/

😎 Accomplishments that we're proud of

Honestly, we are proud that we actually finished! This project was really complicated to code, and we were all balancing homework and coding time.

📚 What we learned

We are proud that we learned how to use ParticleJS. ParticleJS is the library that generates the web of viruses on the home screen. This took a while to figure out.

We also learned how to host on a website that is not Replit!

🌇 What's next for No Virus Game

We may add more levels, and maybe different game modes!

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