We were sitting on the couch at 2 in the morning playing guitar hero and thought about how awesome it would be to have VR Guitar hero with a powerglove controller.

What it does

You can play Guitar hero using a glove as a controller and through an oculus rift (Warning: Non-Malfunctioning Oculus Rift needed)

Write your own songs using our built in transcription system

Allows you to look around your stage including working stage lights and animated crowd

How we built it

We took input from 4 flex sensors into an arduino and sent those values to unity to be used as controller inputs. The games was built in Unity and builds into VR

Challenges we ran into

Oculus Rift can only be used with desktop computers and the Alienware X51 kept crashing on us so we had to build all the VR parts only to not be able to demo them. The Oculus Rift CV1 MALFUNCTIONED and would not be recognized.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

being able to not only create a VR games but bring in outside hardware components to make the game even more immersive.

Created a System to write your own songs for the game.

What we learned

How to better work with hardware and circuits. How to connect an Arduino to Unity What the knots in sewing are for How to use Hackathon resources efficiently (Thank you Namecheap)

What's next for No Strings Attached

Crowd source more songs and create and actual user base.

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