No Stress Access

In 2012, to finalize the Ontario government’s commitment to an accessibility standard for the built environment, an Accessibility amendment was added to the Ontario building code to “maintain Ontario’s leadership role in requirements for barrier-free design”.
However, this amendment only became effective after January 1, 2015, and will only affect new buildings and future construction rather than modifying currently flawed infrastructure. Thus a website can serve to hold old infrastructure accountable to the unchanging needs of the disabled communities.

No Stress Access is the web service we designed to address this issue. Dedicated to the awareness and support of varied members of the disabled community in the Greater Toronto Area, it is truly one of a kind. Through the sites most prominent feature (an interactive map), disabled city residents can verify if a certain location is accommodating to their physical condition and plan their days accordingly. This map also helps guide members of the disabled community towards establishments that have consistently demonstrated the ability to cater to the needs of certain physical conditions.

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