This product is inspired by recent college student deaths from caffeine and other stimulants.

It's also inspired by the '94 film Speed where a city bus needs to stay above 50 mph.

How it works

I created a standalone pebble watch face that keeps the user awake without the use of stimulants. It monitors the pebble's accelerometer - if the wearer stops moving (falls asleep) - the watch will vibrate and light up to wake the user. The watch face displays inspirational quotes, along with the time and a convenient battery meter. It also has the ability to post data to BaseHealth's web API.

What I learned

This is my first dive into triggering events through sensing direct human motion (or lack thereof). I learned a great deal of pebble programming and design.

The most meaningful part of my learning was about the problem this IoT solution solves. I learned that the LD50 (essentially the lethal dose) of caffeine can be as low as 6 grams - basically a tablespoon of powdered caffeine. College students have died doing this and other stimulants to stay awake. This watch encourages and enables the user to stay awake naturally without the use of stimulants.

What's next for No Sleep Till Demo

Version 1.0 is available on the Pebble App store as a free watch face. Try It Out

It's all open source - I've put all the code up on github.

It's already an app that's useful in the following scenarios:

  • Students studying for exams
  • Executives that have a meeting
  • Travelers or commuters who can't risk falling asleep in unsafe places
  • Military or Security personnel at a post

I'll be making updates like gamification by detecting the hand position during programming and exercise. I'll use the knowledge I gained from making this on future projects incorporating human body sensors.

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