It was a brisk Friday evening in Philly when Katie and Eva found themselves as 2 of the 100+ hackers waiting for hardware at the prestigious PennApps.  They had beacons on their minds and the nearable hardware was so close they could taste them.   In a whirlwind, Katie & Eva found themselves holding the last two beacons and rushed back to their hack space to begin the first hour of hacking.  They soon realized that the beacons had too small of a range to do their first idea so they went around making new friends and asked them the simple question of "If you could track anything, what would it be?".  Conveniently standing around a trashcan huddled eating Italian Ice, some friends joked they would like to track trash.  

Then, it hit them.


Katie and Eva went off to go develop "No Shit", an app to inspire people to throw away trash and recycle while bringing the world together at the same time.  "No Shit" is an app that connects to Estimote Beacons located on every trash can in a city.  It is designed to help you find the nearest trash can you'd like to throw something away in.  Not only are you throwing away trash, you're joining strangers around the world in throwing away trash.  For every trash can, you can see the last person that threw something away there and where they're from.  When you throw something away, you can upload your own name and where you're from to the trash can’s data to Join The Revolution.


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