In the advent of many new ways to interact with an environment thanks to technology such as those used in virtual reality and weables, what other ways could the world be perceived? Originally wanted to use the phase heat exchanger units for virtual reality applications or "you're getting warmer" (as you get closer to something) use. The phase heat exchanger could easily reach extreme cold/heat which would not be ideal for a person to hold, so we switched to vibration feedback and a different application.

What it does

The Android App:

  • Voice to text entry of desired destination location entry
  • Automatic location search using the voice entered destination with Google's locations databases
  • Retrieves navigational data from Google's Maps database
  • Instructs the user for each step of reaching the user's destination
  • Tells the user which direction to turn if the user veers off
  • Voice feedback to the user including navigation instructions
  • Vibration feedback whenever the user's direction of travel veers off course, and the intensity of the vibration increases the further off direction the user is

IoT Smart Guide Stick:

  • Microcontroller with wifi and a RESTful API for controls
  • Motor for vibration feedback on the guide stick
  • Vibration feedback is based on the direction the guide sticks points to

How we built it

Walking stick, Android phone, microcontroller, motor, breadboard, wires, batteries, tape.

Challenges we ran into

Handeling Android M new permissions management. Sending RESTful requests to the microcontroller for the vibration motor controls.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Everything works well if the RESTful request would function properly.

What we learned

A lot of android programming. The new permission request for Android M API level was much different than before and took a bit to learn. We also learned how to use many of google's services such as voice to text, location, and navigation services in tandem with our application code.

What's next for No See GPS

Put a compass on the guiding cane and make it into a true smart guiding cane. Maybe add bluetooth functionality like a normal mobile device peripheral.

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