While you can easily get information through your eyes and ears, getting text based information from touch is not so common. And you can do that using morse code. However, you first would need to learn morse code to do that.

What it does

A fun and interactive platform for you to learn and practice your morse code skills

No-remorse features a single system, multi-user desktop application, where users can compete with each other to learn morse code.

How we built it

  • Figma to design the UI and get a rough idea of how the features would be laid out
  • Using python Tkinter to build a functional prototype
  • Converted Text to Audio Morse code file
  • Using python to play audio files with the morse code messages in it
  • extract txt from text file and convert it into morse code

Challenges we ran into

  • Figuring out how to create multi-threaded programs in python
  • learning the proper way to do hashing to protect passwords in a database rather than storing raw passwords unprotected
  • chaining together multiple windows without causing the program to stop
  • Working with audio file manipulation for the first time
  • Working with Tkinter for the first time to build a full fledged app
  • Figuring how to create the installer

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The learning components of the game are fully functional and fun to try
  • Finishing our code and implementing the elements we have implemented .
  • Creating an installer for the finsihed product
  • Managing to rush the demo video in the end despite the drama

What we learned

For the login system:

  • I learned how to securely store passwords in a database
  • learned how hashing works and why it works
  • how to verify the user’s identity using the stored passwords
  • how to translate morse code using python
  • how to extract sentences from a text file

For the visual components:

  • Learned how to develop a proper UI in Tkinter with various user inputs
  • learned how to add styling to the Tkinter UI

For the audio components:

  • Working with threading in python
  • Working with audio files
    • Modifying and joining audio files to create new audio files
    • Working with audio players and stopping players from blocking the program

We also learned a bit of morse code ourselves !!

What's next for No Re-Morse

  • More story elements to give learning morse code more of a purpose
  • More visual ways of transmitting morse code (eg via flashes of light rather than just the raw code)
  • Better UI interface for users
  • More Fully Implemented Levels
  • Online Leaderboards
  • Timer based challenges and much more...

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