We were inspired mostly by the music and commercial making industry, the marvel of editing that can make any activity look captivating and visually stunning when combining the right shot with the right sequence, timing and sound. We were aiming to create a dynamic bridge between different effects that can inspire users to create and share their own short content with others, without needing the editing skills and hours of trying to find the right combination of filters that work best together. Our ambition was to create an effect that users would find engaging and would feel inspired to use, inviting them to try out more dynamic and bold content to express themselves.

What it does

The Lucid Dynamics effect is a series of rotating montages that start with the user pressing the record button which activates the rotation of Instagram effects that as a result create an edited video. By pressing one button the user can put together their favorite music and the editing effect, making it both easy and fun to try out the new Instagram Reels feature.

How We built it

The effect was built using Spark AR, 3D objects, face tracking and segmentation. We also used the picker UI, UI sliders, light staging, 3D object animation, material setting and logics building.

Challenges We ran into

The biggest challenge we faced was the limitation of body tracking which has shifted our original direction of building the montage effect upon dynamics of body motion and music, towards the predefined effect rotation solution. The second challenge was to find the right combination of bold and edgy effects that would be dynamic, fun and well combined in a variation of rotating sequences.

Accomplishments that We are proud of

We are proud to share an effect that can reduce the team and time that is required to make short-form creative performances, allowing users to create content that looks complex, dynamic and fun but does not require heavy editing skills.

What We learned

We learned more of IG features, the capabilities of Reels and discovered a lot of daring trends.

What's next for Lucid Dynamics

Lucid Dynamics effect is the first step towards the creation of a series of ultimate filters, based on the body tracking or its simulation that can bring real-time editing and content creation to the next level for influencers, brands and users that want to share their own form of dynamic short-form creative performances.

Built With

  • 3dscene
  • colorscheme
  • dynamic
  • facelightning
  • facetracking
  • nodesystem
  • segmentation
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