When we moved into our new house, we discovered that everytime we used the sink, there would be a foul stench. We tried all the cleaning products and agents to try and scrub clean the tubing, but it was to no avail. When I discovered about S-traps and how P-traps were outdated and illegal through this video: I was like woah, that's probably why my room stank. So, later me and my Dad renovated the sink and now it doesn't stink. I swear it wasn't me and my beans. hahahaahahhahahghaha

What it does

The app disguises itself as a PSA of the dangers of S-traps by presenting an interactive game similar to Where's my water to demonstrate the gas leakage possibilities and the possible mitigations that could be made to prevent sewer gases and vermin from coming out of your sink. The app then presents you with an infographic for spotting S-traps and P-traps and the differences as well as an integrated machine learning application for detection it as well. As well as an infographic on the different alternatives to S-traps.

How we built it

Unity Engine, Javascript, HTML, Machine Learning, WebGL Nothing fancy - back to the old basics. Hackathons are too fast paced to learn the cool libraries :(

Challenges we ran into

Using Matter.js and matter-liquid with react integration (that was scrapped) - I spent 6 hours trying it ;-; Unity fluid dynamics and shaders gave me a hard time too. WebGL and Unity's editor discrepancies.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Not having a heart attack and learning how to use unity :)

What we learned

Unity Engine and to not procrastinate

What's next for No more Sssnake traps

Better Machine learning detection by using a custom model and a better dataset Hyperparameter tuning to the machine learning model Making the game more interactive and more like "Where's my water?" More clear infographic and breakdown of different ways to mitigate P-traps Better UI visuals lol (I'll add those cool react components) Mobile version port?

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