Our inspiration comes from trying to create a product that we would actually use post-hackathon. Every student (and non-student) I know who has heard this idea has said that they would use this app if it was actually on the market. There are apps that are similar, but none that are targeted specifically towards students and have as attractive of features like No More Noodles.

What it does

Enables the user to login to the app and search for a recipe in a few different ways. The user can search for recipes based on keywords or ingredients in the search bar. But what makes No More Noodles particularly special is the fact that the user can upload a picture of some food that they are eating, or a picture of food that they found online, and recieve suggested recipes based off of that picture.

How we built it

The backend runs on Python and Django, while the front end is pure HTML, CSS and JS. The user login operates on Firebase's Authentication platform. Notable API's that we used were Google Vision (to process the images that were being uploaded), and RapidAPI (for the recipes).

Challenges we ran into

This was new territory for all of us, and we felt that. Time pressure led us to have to cut some key features that we had originally planned to include in the final product. Working with brand new tech (as was the case for most of us), was a learning curve that took quite a bit of time to get over.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The way that our UX design looks is something that we are proud of. As well as our creative process (which we were constantly changing and adapting), our ability to overcome challenges is something that we are very proud of.

What we learned

Teamwork, new tech, and how hard it is to put everything together in the end.

What's next for No More Noodles

Many expansions, bug fixes, grocery store (ingredient list), more user options, user requests and saved recipes.

NOTE: If you LOGOUT, please enter back in with the email:, and the password: Baxter123. Also, Netlify has been acting up so there is a chance that will not work. That is why the link is also provided (the same thing).

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