Get rid of those unwanted Robocalls with just one simple text.

The FTC would set up a text number (i.e., “robo” “7626”, etc.) and *69 type number that customers could use when they receive a robocall. After receiving the robocall customers could either enter this *69 type number (cell or landline) or choose the share option and then text the contact number (cell only). Both methods would send the number to an automated government robocall database.

A website for this robocall database would also be set up to give customers an alternate place to report robocallers in case the *69 type number or text did not work (i.e., if a voice message were left on an older type answering machine and could not be reported automatically, etc.).

The government robocall database would automatically keep track of each robocaller number and the times that it has been reported. If the robocaller number exceeds a certain pre-defined quantity of reports from customers, the company would be given notice that within a certain grace period of time they must either prove that they are not a robocaller or cease the robocalls. Continued robocalls past this grace period would result in the company being added to a phone carrier’s blacklist as well as a daily government fine for each day the robocalls continued. In severe cases where daily fines exceed a certain amount of days or the company does not pay the fines, the government could have the company’s carrier cancel their number.

Social media components would be put in place to take advantage of the fact that most people are annoyed by robocalling and would most likely pass this info. along to their friends and followers. • A Facebook page and Twitter account and hashtag (i.e., #noRoboCall, etc.) would be set up specifically for the hotline program. • These would include info. for the *69 type number, the website and how the hotline works. • The copy and content would be fun but informative to stir the ire of everyone affected by robocalling (i.e., Ever wish you could robocall the robocaller to let them know how it feels? Well, now you can with our new “Stop Robocalls Hotline”...tell your friends, and together we can end robocalls in our lifetime…). • Companies deemed as robocallers might even be posted/called out in these social spaces as a way to deter the practice (companies would not want to end up on this public list).

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