The amazing women already breaking down doors in STEM!

We chose the Track Women in STEM to speak on the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace; more than 80% of women say they have been sexually assaulted or harassed in comparison to the 43% of men. Also, marginalized groups that work in the tech industry experience higher levels of workplace discrimination than workers in other industries.

What it does

The game hosts a female character who has been facing harassment at work. She decides to fight the patriarchy and stand up against her coworkers' misogynistic and offensive comments. The purpose of the game is to provide a platform where men can play to get a sense of what harassment is like from a woman’s perspective. Women can also play and feel empowered while playing.

How we built it

The game application was built with Pygame using Py_function, Photoshop, & Illustrator. The web page was created with HTML and CSS.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenges were figuring out the Pygame code and getting our protagonist sprite sheet to load and animate properly with the program.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Taking the initiative to learn Pygame despite lack of mentorship or any prior Pygame experience.

What we learned

How to integrate sprite sheets into animations, how to code in Python and Pygame, and how to effectively collaborate with a team.

What's next for No Means No!

Enemies that fight back, Dialogue boxes, an Expansive map, Increasing difficulty/levels, Score system, Health, Energy, etc., a Shop/Loot/Currency system, ...and much more! We'd love to see this game used by teens/young adults before they enter the workplace to make them aware of the issues and help prevent further workplace discrimination. It would also be great for BMCC to help new students be more engaged in mandatory Sexual Harassment seminars.

Video demonstration:

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