We wanted to develop a product that aims to solve issues that people are facing in this day and age. When the lockdown restrictions were set and retail stores closed, we thought of this as an opportunity for people to know how popular and appreciated a certain item is.

What it does

No.MAD is a full stack web application that renders a customised "drip factor" that is calculated through a series of algorithms integrated into a neural network.

How we built it

Front-End: We used React to construct the UI of the application. Utilising an abundance of libraries, we were able to create multiple components, animations and designs that all contribute to the overall user experience. Through fetch requests and API calls we successfully bridge the gap between front-end and back-end. Back-End: Using both Node.js and Express.js we successfully deployed a REST API. By constructing through MongoDB, we were able to store and retrieve data in a scalable and efficient manner. Finally, through the use of Sneaks API, we are able to gather information about every shoe from 4 different sources.

Challenges we ran into

We struggled to create a database interactive API using our first choice database provider. As such, we had to switch and transfer all our data from our previous database to MongoDB Atlas with the help of Mongoose.js. The time lost in switching databases led to a shortage of time with regards to deploying on the google cloud. We thus settled on hosting the back-end locally.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of having developed a full-stack web application in such a short time period. Despite the many problems we faced, we were able to prevail and develop such a complex project.

What we learned

We learned valuable collaborative skills, such as working as a team despite the remote circumstances as well as more practical skills such as how to use the different components of the MERN stack simultaneously.

What's next for No.MAD

Our next goal is to expand the No.MAD sneakers database to include a bigger variety of shoes. In addition, we will also add more items such as Jewellery, Handbags, Apparel, and Watches. We also believe that No.MAD can be a fully functioning standalone app as well as being featured on many different sites such as StockX, FlightClub, and Goat.

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