We think of the problem that we want to be resolved. With Narrowband IoT technology, we are able to develop the product and using Machine Learning concept to find a better way to protect our family member.

What it does

It is an NB-IoT device with a GPS module to ensure the safety of children by tracking their Geolocation and displaying the data to guidance via phone message and web page. Also, our project is designed to find a regular pattern for each user and alert their guidance when their transportation behaviors become abnormal.

How we built it

We use NB-IoT device to receive the GPS data and send to the firebase database via Twilio. If the user's geolocation is abnormal, the application will notify their guidance via phone message, and guidance can also visualize the user's data via a webpage.

Challenges we ran into

The challenge is setting up the GPS module indoor. Because the signal is too low inside, we decided to use the ultrasonic sensor to pretend GPS data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We connect the NB-IoT board with Twilio and webpage together. It's exciting to see every part of the project connects together!

What we learned

NB-IoT and how to use Twilio API

What's next for No Lost Love

Make it to a real app that helps society! Message Input

Message Han, Eugene Jahn


GeoFence, GeoLocation, an ultrasonic sensor (Barrier), Real-time firebase Database, and serverless firebase functions

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