• Fundraising environment of startup company has been getting worse by COVID19 effects.
    • That's why I try to make new option for startup company to fundraise.

What it does

【Introduction of No Loss Fundraising for Startup Company with AAVE📈】

  • This is a dApp for startup company to provide new option of fund-raising.
  • This is a dApp that no loss fundraising platform for startup company.
    • Any starup company can publish their company profile for appeal to fund-raise.
    • Only user who deposited can vote for a favorite company profile of startup.
    • Deposited amount from users is pooled and lended into lending-protocol (AAVE). After interests are generated.
    • Generated interests is distributed into startup(company profile) who got the most voting count. (Deposited amount will be lend again for next voting round)

How I built it

  • How to utilize AAVE.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for No Loss Fundraising

Built With

  • aave
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