💡 Inspiration

Many pounds of pollution end up in oceans each year making our natural resource a garbage dump. The majority of it comes from human activities along the coastlines and inland. Understanding the devastating effects of pollution on our beaches is the first step to fixing the problem. Pollution includes plastic, trash, and litter to sewage, pesticides, and oil which contaminate the coasts, it even effects the human and marine health. We also bring the full AR beach experience to your home in this pandemic.

⚙ What it does

As most of us use Instagram and Facebook, we thought this could be the best way to reach wide audience and spread the message across the world.Even though we all are drifted apart by waves we are connected by tech to make it happen No gARbage is a fun way to educate people about the harmful effects of beach pollution by using AR as a tool for an immersive experience. Our AR project we created consists of several games and immersive experiencews.

  1. Clean the beach
    • In which users can explore a virtual interactive beach enviroment while helping to clean up the beach by tappig on garbage they found.
  2. Save the turtles
    • Guide a turtle through the ocean helping it find jellyfish to eat while avoiding deadly plastic bags using head rotation tracking to move it across the screen.
  3. Seagull search
    • Explore a 360 beach experience in AR, searching for 3D seagulls hidden in the environment.
  4. Hermitcrab dash
    • Carefully move a cute hermitcrab through a beach full of seagulls, bringing discarded bottles and cans to the recycle bin.

🛠 How we built it

We used SparkAR for building immersive AR, 3D and a 360 degree games which made up our three levels. Blender for building custom 3D models. SparkAR also supports Typescript/Javascript which helped in building game logic. The website containing the catalog of all filters was made using HTML and CSS. We used patches to make game interact with the device. Studio BTS

💪 Challenges we ran into

  • There were very few working tutorials from 2020 for Spark AR. Thus, we had to manually modify and recreate our own codes.
  • The Spark AR application was very hard to work with due to its intensive CPU and graphic requirements.
  • All of us were completely new to Spark AR. Initially it was difficult to navigate the application, but after fiddling with it a bit and with some help from our teammates, we were able to work the functions and start creating!
  • We need to make sure the filters were available cross platform and for older devices too, also keeping their size as small as possible.

📌 Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We were able to bring some awareness with these games and social message.
  • Learning how to utilise the various available Spark AR functions to create the type of games that we wanted.
  • Being able to execute our many game ideas and producing 5 working games!

📚 What we learned

We learned how to make an immersive AR game using a technology we have never used before We learned how to make an immersive AR game using a technology we have never used before

  • We learned how light works in a 3D environment
  • We learned how to make some of our own 3D objects and assets
  • We leant how face mapping and tracking can be used to make helpful simple projects
  • We also learned to code in a 3D studio and to interact with the patches (code blocks) to build the logic for the game

⏭ What's next for No gARbage

  • We aim to create more interactive and educational games, with more levels and different functions to increase the quality of our games.

  • We aim to expand beyond Instagram and Facebook, by venturing into other social media applications like Snapchat and TikTok to gain a wider audience.


A tutorial on how you can try out our filters can be found here.

IG tutorial

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