Do you know that person you can't stand seeing on Facebook? Now, you'll never have to, ever again. Here's my Facebook news feed. Watch, as I click the noex button. The images of this butthole magically disappear. And that's not all. What if you wanted to have them on your feed, but didn't want to see their face? We've got a feature for that too.

How I built it

Bleeding edge facial recognition algorithm paired with down to earth chrome extension

Challenges I ran into

To test our chrome extension, we ended up stalking people we hate for hours...

And yeah, we have no experience building a chrome extension

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Sweet sweet revenge on people I hate get uglified with emojis I'm not supposed to be proud of

What's next for No-Ex

We can hook it up with an external server that has algorithms written with opencv to uglify the people you hate professionally

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