Our society has been facing the following issue, there is a large amount of people that die in car accidents cause by a drunk driver. And to help people avoid getting DUIs.

What it does

A device that gets the persons BAC and tells them to NOT drive if they are too drunk. Also, includes an application where the user is prompted to take a few tests to see how capable they are to actually drive a car, and if they fail they are asked to not drive. Additionally, if the user fails the test, the app will ask you to select an emergency contact to text them to them know if the person is not able to drive.

How I built it

Visual Studio C++ Arduino Uno MQ-3 Alcohol sensor LCD

Challenges I ran into

Visual Studio development tools Trying to get the board connected to Bluetooth

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learn how to use collaborative tools such as GitHub, Trello, Slack. Build a GUI using c++ VS

What I learned

Learned to work in a team and at a fast pace Troubleshoot We learned to combine our gifts and talents and make it whole

What's next for No Drunk Driving

Connect it to BT Make it a iOS and Android application Implement it on bars, and clubs to prevent people from driving under the influence.

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