This project is something that people could use daily. Our project has an aspiration to bring to light what many women must constantly deal with. Like that of harassment and cat calling. Knowing that these situations are difficult to sometimes deal with and talk about. We thought of creating something that brought the player into a similar situation but in a whimsical uplifting way. This gives room for a much easy setting where the user can receive a form of confidence and at the same time get fun redemption. The game is set in a Carnival like setting with the main game to pepper spray those who deserve it. They are little mushroom people who are representing bad people and the bunnies are representing women.

Technical Difficulty

This project was difficult because our team does not have years of experience programming in VR. Also, the first 2 to 3 hours were placed into the whole set up of the Virtual Reality headsets, sensors, and rigs so we had less than 24 hours to actually work on the project itself. There were many mishaps that each of our teammates came into contact with while just trying to set up, not even code yet. The real difficult over all part though was trying to implement Microsoft Azure Speech Recognition API. This task alone took so many hours from other tasks and in the end did not get to be applied on to this version of the VR game. We were going to try to get the user to yell some phrases out at the bad mushrooms in our game which would have arisen a power up that would help the player defeat more mushrooms and help more innocent bunnies.

Innovation and Creativity

It is unique! The main idea behind this project was to bring a form of uplifting empowerment but in a fun way. Many times, women come across different forms of harassment, mistreatment, bullying, etc. This got us thinking that it is very common to hear and see these unfortunate events, especially when the victim doesn’t get a chance to stand up to the person doing the wrong. This led to our idea of creating a VR immersive game that brings to light the situations that many women come across but in a whimsical form to actually enlighten the player to not be afraid to stand up to these creeps. This is a better way to relieve inner anger/irritation as well and in a not so violent way.


Yes, it is polished. Our hack has its MVP done, it works from start to finish, enemies move accordingly, there is a score board, the player can lose and win, and there is some great sounds and music that were personally created and incorporated in by one of our teammates to give the player a much more immersed experience.

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