How the NLSQL Cognitive Machine Works for You

In a few years, chatbots will be almost intelligent and understand everything in your database.

They would understand not just what you wanted, but find the right pieces of data, do the necessary calculations, and give you the answer you need.

That sales forecast for Q4 2019 in European markets? No problem. A few seconds, and it’ll spit out the information you need. Faster and more reliable than analysts.

While we’re not there yet in NLSQL, we are getting closer, and what we have right now is pretty powerful if we say so ourselves.

But one day…. we will deliver such a product into your hands.

NLSQL is a new piece of tech which helps people query data from a database using natural language. It allows you to get the numbers you need, without having to write a single piece of code (or knowing how to!). It allows everyone to easily make data-driven decisions, thus increasing productivity and allowing things to happen faster. You can integrate NLSQL with any messaging applications your organization uses, such as MS Teams, Slack, Telegram, Facebook Messenger etc. You can also use the webchat within your webpage.

What it does

It converts Natural Language to SQL via API, which provides anyone to get data from corporate ecosystem instantly using Natural Language Interface.

How I built it

We built by mix of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, AI planning, imperative and functional programming concepts.

NLSQL is a cloud solution, which can be installed for a few days into your cloud infrastructure.

Challenges I ran into

Usual ML approach is not accurate enough for business use, so we invented our own tech, which provides the best possible accuracy with ability of continuous NLP improvement.

SAP HANA database has over 36 000 tables, which makes difficult to integrate with it. Now NLSQL is officially certified software by SAP and ready to be installed from SAP App center.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

German Federal Ministry Funding of NLSQL for Healthcare BI

SAP HANA and SAP Business One certification

Successful use cases with Delta Airlines, GSK, MAXISIT, Clinomic, PKO Group

Interactive data visualisation

What I learned

Nothing is possible!

What's next for

Growth as self-service BI tool for front - line employees in corporate messanger platforms.

Spreading our technology for Healthcare industry

Sales campaigns for USA, UK and Germany markets

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